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What Size Chandelier Should I Choose?

What Size Chandelier Should I Choose?

There are many considerations that you need to look out for while finding the perfect chandelier for your space – the most important of them all being the actual size.

Can you imagine what a nightmare your ceiling might look if the fixture is too large? Not to factor in the unimaginable glare of light that will be disproportionate to the dimensions of the room! Similarly, a small-sized chandelier can disrupt the visual harmony of your space by being unreasonably tiny and providing too little ambient light.

In essence, your tastes and style might get lost if you can’t pick the right-sized chandelier. Here’s how you can do so:



Simple rule of thumb

A simple rule of thumb that you can always count on is to measure the length (let’s say x) and width (let’s say y) of your room in feet. Then add them together and you’ll get an approximate diameter (d) for your central light fixture. So, basically x + y = d. (Note: the value of ‘d’ should be considered in inches, even when x and y are in feet). If nothing else, this rule can help you get the proportions right.

Chandelier height

Just like the overall circumference of your chandelier needs to be scaled nicely, you should also calculate the length of its wire or chain. The typical formula for this can be derived by measuring the height (H) of your room from floor to ceiling (in feet) and multiplying it by two and a half. Your answer should be considered in inches. Here: H x 2.5 = Length of the wire.

(Tip: if you don’t want to get all technical, remember that you’ll need at least seven feet of clear height to be able to stand directly under the chandelier.)

Dining space chandelier size

It’s trendy to hang a statement chandelier in the middle of your dining table, but once again, good sizing is key. As far as height is concerned, you should make sure there’s at least 36” of space from the base of the chandelier to the top of the table. The breadth of the fixture can be determined by multiplying the width (W) of the table by either 0.5 or 0.75. Here: W x 0.5 = Diameter of the chandelier (in inches).

These are some important rules of thumb and formulas for determining the size of your chandelier. Make sure you do the math before you buy the fixture. And feel free to reach out to our lighting experts at 877.424.6631, chat or send us a message!

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