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Five Ceiling Fans That Match Every Interior Style

Five Ceiling Fans That Match Every Interior Style

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear the term ‘interior design’? It wouldn’t be a ceiling fan, for sure.

However, ceiling fans are just as much a part of interior designing as anything else. But they tend to be overlooked in lieu of shinier and more obvious things. The truth is, you cannot design a ceiling plan without considering where to place the fan in tandem with the lights.

But it can be challenging to find ones that complement your interior design theme, so below we’ve compiled a list of five ceiling fans that can match every interior style! Let’s take a look:



Casablanca Wisp Line

This stylish ceiling fan is one of the most gorgeous ones you’ll ever see. Its organic shape and fashionably curved wings evoke a chic look that would add unfettered elegance to your spaces. It comes in different colors and sizes, so you can even match or contrast according to your theme and space. It’s operated by a remote control and has a light in the middle, which can be dimmed depending on your mood. The cased glass really complements the beautiful finish of the fan blades, and the overall look of this ceiling fan is absolutely debonair.

Monte Carlo Maverick Line

The clean aesthetic and fashionably modern silhouette of Monte Carlo’s Maverick ceiling fan line boasts universal appeal. The curved blades are streamlined for maximum efficiency without compromising style, and the contemporary design with its six distinct finishes would fit perfectly within any interior design style. What’s even better is that this ceiling fan line is completely damp proof so you can easily use it in semi-covered spaces such as indoor patios, verandas, porches, and sun rooms! Their high Energy Star rating also ensures excellent energy efficiency and savings!

Monte Carlo Discus Line

The unique and highly distinct modern-vintage aesthetic of Monte Carlo’s Discus Line ceiling fans is perfect for emulating beautiful contrast in any interior design. The dichotomous material finish of these fans is highly appealing. The wood-metal combination would gorgeously accentuate any ceiling design with flair. There’s also an integrated 18 W LED bulb in the center, which can be used to enhance the mood lighting of your space, as it comes with a dimmer. You can even opt for a finishing cap without the light if you want a simple ceiling fan. This fan line is also damp-rated, so you can install them in semi-outdoor spaces!

Emerson Ceiling Fan

If you’re on the hunt for a statement ceiling fan that will always stand-out and contrast any interior design, then look no further than Emerson’s CF765BS! Featuring a brushed steel body, you’ll love the urban-chic aura and absolute panache it would bring to your spaces. The metal finish is elegant, eye-catching, and bold. The contoured blades ensure ideal air-movement, and the remote control operation system provides great ergonomics!

Hunter Sentinel 59211

The casual sophistication and clean designing of the Hunter Sentinel 59211 ceiling fan is perfect for any modern home. It’s got a universally appealing design that would uplift any space with its austere presence. Its brushed nickel finish pairs beautifully with the light oak accents on the blades. There’s a 9W bulb in the center with an LED kit for lower energy consumption and ideal mood lighting! Its whisper-quiet performance and powerful motor are just the cherry on top of an amazing design. Plus, the 3-position mounting system means you can affix this ceiling fan on any kind of a roof – be it sloping, low, or standardized!

These ceiling fans are some of the best ones you’ll find in the market. Their everyday appeal and versatility make them perfect for all interior home designs!

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