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What is the Best Lighting Plan for a Living Room?

What is the Best Lighting Plan for a Living Room?

The overall impact of your living room interior design is dependent on an excellent lighting plan.

Bad lighting can skew your perception of gorgeous colors and textures, thus making them look unpleasant and ugly. So, what’s the best lighting plan for a living room? Here’s all you need to know about it:

Light is good from whatever lamp it shines.


Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the general light consisting of LEDs that you need to install in your ceiling. Now, it may seem like you can just pick out the number of LEDs randomly, but that’s not true at all. You need to calculate the amount of lumens that are required in your space, cross-check them with the wattage of your lights, and then calculate the number of lights that will provide that exact amount of light. Tip: a living room of 250 square feet must have at least 5000 lumens!

It’s a complicated process, but you can certainly make it a lot easier by using an online LED Lighting Requirement Calculator. All you have to do is put in the dimensions of your room, check out your lumen intensity and placement, and let the calculator do the work for you!

You can also give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight décor and other interior design elements such as niches, alcoves, etc. It consists of fixtures like focused beams, mini-spotlights, uplights, and more. So, if you’ve got a living room that consists of lots of statement accessories, this is the kind of lighting that you should focus on!

Task lighting

Task lighting is the illumination that is required to carry out certain tasks. So, what exactly do you do in your living rooms? Watch TV? This m­­­­­­­­­­eans that your lighting has to be arranged in a way that does not put a glare on the TV screen. Other than that, a living room is also used for resting and relaxation. If you like to read while lounging on your sofa, a nice floor lamp can be your best friend. If you simply like lounging around or spending quality time with your partner, then you should invest in dimmers to get the best mood lighting.

Decorative lighting

Lastly, there’s the decorative lighting, which is comprised of beautiful light fixtures. This can be mutually exclusive with all ambient, accent, and task lighting. You can opt for stunning pendant lights to brighten up your breakfast bars. A stunning statement chandelier can be hung in the middle of your living room. A clustered pendant chandelier can be affixed in the middle of a large stairwell. Beautiful sconce lights can be used to brighten up your entry­­­­ways. It depends on your interior design style and budget.

All of these lighting ideas can transform your living room into an ideal space that’s fit for all: entertaining, relaxing, and hosting!

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