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Trend: Incorporating the Soft Girl Aesthetic into Your Home Decor

Trend: Incorporating the Soft Girl Aesthetic into Your Home Decor

The feminine and pastel hues of the soft girl aesthetic are being embraced in clothing, shoes & accessories by designers and celebrities alike. Now it’s time to add a touch of this dreamy aesthetic to your own home decor. Read on for several ways to quickly and affordably incorporate the beautiful and dreamy ways of the soft girl aesthetic into your home decor and lighting. 

Pastel Colors

Soft, muted pastel colors like blush pink, lavender purple, mint green, and light blue are essential to the soft girl aesthetic. Add a new table lamp in one of these hues to your bedroom night table or living room end table to help embrace the ambiance of the soft girl aesthetic. 

  • Product Highlight: The Blush/Silver Leaf finish lamp by Currey and Company has a curvy terracotta body between a metal base and silver leaf finish hardware. Its blush glazed body and finial and off-white shantung shade make this a stunning blush pink table lamp. 

Romantic Patterns

Floral patterns and lace details evoke a dreamy, girly vibe. Printed or textured throw pillows are an easy way to update your bed or couch to achieve the soft girl look for your home. 

  • Product Highlight: The Hand-Printed Pillow by ELK Home features a beautiful, soft pink colored finish that was hand-applied by artisans. 

Soft Fabrics

Soft, luxurious fabrics like velvet or faux fur for your plush furniture, accent pillows, and throw blankets are all a perfect way to incorporate the soft girl aesthetic into your home. 

  • Product Highlight: The Comtesse Collection Bench in Duck Egg Blue by ELK Home features a brightly golden cusp-and-foil shaped frame crowned with an elegant duck egg blue velvet fabric cushion for a subtle, yet luxurious addition to a tasteful foyer or bedroom.   

Whimsical Decor 

Add a touch of whimsy to your space with decorative butterflies or fairies to add a sense of wonder and magic. 

Dreamy Wall Art

Create a sense of nostalgia and escapism with wall art that features soft lighting and dreamy compositions in pastel hues. 

Soft Girl Lighting

Opt for warm, diffused lighting to create a softly lit ambiance in your living room or bedroom. Consider adding scented candles for an additional touch of warmth. 

  • Product Highlight: The Blossom Collection LED Pendant Light by ET2 is inspired by a close observation of nature. With delicate details, the soft gold finish pairs with organically formed morning frost glass that is partially frosted to conceal the LED light source within. This pendant light is a perfect complement to the soft girl aesthetic. 

By incorporating soft colors, fabrics and lighting, alongside whimsical and floral decor and wall art, you can easily create an enchanting retreat that achieves the soft girl aesthetic for your home. Try playing with different soft colors and textures to customize your space exactly how you dream it!

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