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What Are The Different Types Of Lights For Your Home?

What Are The Different Types Of Lights For Your Home?

While the function of light is to illuminate spaces, let’s not forget that it has a lot of decorative value as well.

It won’t be a stretch to say that an innovative light fixture can define the way that you incorporate lighting in your homes. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at some different types of light and how they impact your spaces:

No amount of darkness can hide a spark of light.



Flush mount ceiling light

The most important kind of lighting in any home interior is the flush mount LEDs that are installed within your ceiling. They provide general ambient lighting, which allows you to carry out your tasks without a hitch. You can go for smart LEDs or integrated dimmer technology to make such light fixtures customizable and unique to your tastes.

Task lights

Focused light fixtures provide you illumination for unique tasks. These include track lights, which can provide several spotlights at the same time. It also includes floor lamps and desk lamps, which can accommodate both work and relaxation related tasks. The physical presence of these fixtures is used in the capacity of accent pieces.

Recessed lights

Recessed lights are comprised of LED strips that are installed within specially-designed recesses made in custom furniture or other interior design elements such as cabinets, showcases, and even study desks. They can also be used as toe-kicks in beds, kitchen islands, and breakfast bars.


Even though the illumination range of a chandelier is mostly equidistant (i.e. it spreads equal amount of light) when it’s placed in the center of the room, chandeliers are still used for decorative as well as mood lighting purposes. Often, chandeliers are fixed in the middle of a room and are installed with warm-toned low-wattage bulbs, so that they can layer some moody gold lighting on top of the typical cool-toned ceiling lights.

Pendant lights

Just like chandeliers, pendant lights are also used for accent purposes. However, one main difference is that due to their compact forms, they can be used in clusters (preferably three in one place). However, you can also use a standalone pendant light as well if your design calls for it (e.g., as a trendy nightstand lamp, bathroom vanity accent piece, etc.). Pendant lights come in a wide variety of designs, including unique finishes and bulb wattages, so you can get some pretty great illumination results with them.

The significant part about modern lighting is that there are no hard and fast rules about anything. Many designers and homeowners use quite a few of these fixtures at the same time in their interior designs for a better, more comprehensive, and layered illumination. You can do the same, but make sure to consult a lighting expert beforehand.

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