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Five Reasons Why Your Stairwell Needs a Statement Lighting Fixture

Five Reasons Why Your Stairwell Needs a Statement Lighting Fixture

Have you ever wondered what the most underappreciated part of your home might be? It’s actually the stairwell.

Homeowners tend to focus more on the glitzy elements of their interior design, and the staircase ends up being disregarded. This is why furnishing the stairwell with statement light fixtures is an absolute must. If you need more reasons to do so, here are five:

Lighting is the lifeblood of a design.

For aesthetics

Of course, the most important reason for installing a statement light fixture in your stairwell is to spruce up its aesthetics. Dimly lit staircases with no visual value tend to look gloomy and uninspiring. But when you hang a classy, stylish, and fashionable chandelier, or install some attractive wall fixtures along the way, going up automatically feels more refreshing. It’s also a great way to add distinctness to this small and rather conventional space. Stairway lighting can be very fashion-forward in this way.

For functionality

The second reason why your stairwell needs a statement light fixture is to elevate its functionality. Nobody wants to climb a dark staircase, lest they fall or topple over. So, if you’ve got no windows to light it up, you can simply go for beautiful stairway lighting to make this space functional with a flair. Most statement light fixtures have a charismatic presence and excellent pragmatics. Both of these qualities work well in elevating the overall ambiance of the space.

For immediate impact

Visual impact is one of the most important qualities of good interior design and the stairwell might as well go unnoticed without a stunning statement light fixture to make it a focal point. Imagine an eye-catching contemporary chandelier just making the staircase feel totally impact-worthy with its presence and charisma – that’s what you should go for!

For the drama

If you love creating dramatic spaces, then you should know that stairway lighting is the perfect way to ramp up the creative aura of your homes. The best statement light fixture for this would either be a classic drop chandelier with at least three tiers. Alternately, you can opt for a cluster of unique pendant lights. However, if you truly want to be different with your approach, you can install LED strip lights or toe-kicks under the tread nosing of your staircase. It will create epic drama – especially when the rest of the lights are switched off.

For avoiding glare

Did you know that unplanned staircase lighting can result in horrible glare? That’s not something you want. This is why carefully curated statement light fixtures should be chosen to illuminate dark and uninviting stairwells. They’re usually pretty stylistic, help reinvent the space both functionally and aesthetically, and best of all: have no unnecessary glare that can hinder the eye.

So, these are the reasons why you must invest in a statement fixture for excellent staircase lighting. You’ll definitely be able to transform this space into something exciting with a little help from our gallery of products!

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