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Installing a Ceiling Fan on a Sloped Roof?

Installing a Ceiling Fan on a Sloped Roof?

Can a ceiling fan be installed on a sloping roof? The answer to this question should be simple, but it’s actually a complicated “yes” and “no".

It’s confusing, but a cursory online search will tell you exactly the same. There are many factors to be considered when you want to install a fan on a pitched roof. Let’s take a look at some of these factors and how you can overcome them:


Ball Joint Ceiling Fans

The first thing you need to remember while searching for a ceiling fan for sloped roof is the mechanics. Only a fan with a “ball joint” system can be installed on a pitched or raked roof. However, there are limitations for that as well. The angle of the roof has to lie somewhere between 15-28 degrees for this mechanism to work.

(Note: Some ceiling fans have motors that are directly attached to the ceiling. These cannot be installed on angled roofs at all.)

Special Kit Ceiling Fans

There are certain ceiling fans that come with a special kit. This allows them to be installed on a roof of maximum 45-degree angle. The kits can be bought separately, but you have to do some research on whether its accessories would be compatible with your particular brand of ceiling fan or not.

Other Design Considerations

Here are some basic design considerations that you must know about installing a ceiling fan for sloped roof. Let’s take a look:

  • Make sure that the edges of the fan blades are at least a few feet away from the walls. This will allow ideal air movement and also keep your walls safe.
  • Ensure that there’s at least 7 feet of clear height from the floor to the fan so that you could properly stand underneath.
  • If you’ve got a roof with a significant angle, you might need to install an extension rod so that your ceiling fan blades do not hit the pitch/slope of the roof.

So, these are some major factors that have to be considered when you want to buy a ceiling fan for a sloped roof. We hope this guide helps you determine what you need in order for a great installation!

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